Selection Processes

To enter the Postgraduate Program in Linguistics, candidates apply for a Selection Process that is released in the form of a public announcement, which evaluates the quality of the Research Project, the theoretical and analytical knowledge in the field of linguistic studies and the proficiency in a foreign language of candidates. Another form of entry is through the selection process in continued access.

Continuous access selection is intended to allow the admission of PPGL candidates with excellent resumes and projects in advanced stages of maturity at the master's or doctorate level at any time of the year. Among other objectives, it is intended to synchronize the calendar of academic activities of students entering this modality with the calendar of  FAPESP (Research Support Foundation of the state of São Paulo), which is also continuous. Thus, the basic requirement for admission (in addition to previous approval by the supervisor) is  the project approval and a scholarship by FAPESP. For more information, contact the program coordinator.

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