The Program

1.1 – Organization

The Graduate Program in Linguistics of the Federal University of São Carlos (UFScar) has a participative management with professors and postgraduate students and it is organized in an executive coordination and a deliberative council ruled by the regulation of the program.


1.2 – Courses and Newcomers

The Graduate Program in Linguistics (PGPL) offers degrees in the Master and Doctorate levels which are organized in three research lines:

- Description, analysis and automatic processing of natural languages;

- Language teaching and learning;

- Language and discourse.


The admission of newcomers happens once a year through a public selection divided in four steps (see previous notices):

- Analysis of the research project;

- A methodological and theoretical written test on linguistics;

- Foreign language proficiency test (Portuguese native speakers) or second language (for foreign language speakers)

- Interview

The results are published in the second semester of each year. Write us for more details.